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Bliss At Last

A woman on the verge of a slow meltdown longs for an escape from the endless mundanity of her day-to-day life and the trappings of modern society. The possibility of black holes, time travel, and the relativity theory all converge to aid her in her quest for liberation.


We follow WOMAN through the cycles of abuse in her marriage until it finally escalates to violence—at that point, she must make a choice, does she stay and let the cycle continue, or does she leave and risk the unknown.


Rose is committed to ensure Pedro a better future than a life confined between the dirty streets of the neighborhood and the asphalt of the city, when an unexpected event will make her connect with her son's daily adventures.


HIDDEN CITY is a psychological mystery featuring Annabeth Gish that's set in our age of political anxiety and culminates at a real-life democracy march.


In the inevitable future where everyone has a permanent curve in their spine from looking at their screens, one woman longs to break free of her screen and experience the world with her own eyes.

Over the barriers

Horses for us, Kazakhs, have always been symbols of drive and victory. The story of the Soviet conquest of Olympus began with the legendary Absent. And now there are people and horses in Kazakhstan who are ready to storm the Olympic heights.


A father and a son return from the crematory. The father made rice balls for his son, but the shape was also round and big. The son feels a sense of incompatibility with the taste different from rice balls made by his mother. But the son knows the promises his parents kept secret for him. Then [...]

The Guardian Angel

An ordinary and repeated incident. The story of a lot of people in the society who have no choice in something and just have to tolerate it because there is no way out. People who only think about keeping up with the messed up situation they live in, and never even dream about the better life [...]

The Scottish Play

A troupe of actors and stage crew struggle during a performance of Shakespeare’s most ill-fated tragedy when the lead player is mysteriously replaced by the understudy. This is a tale of theatre mythos and superstition that beckons the supernatural!

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