Featuring films from around the globe and from our own backyard, this year’s films inspired, questioned and celebrated what it means to be human — and what it means to live in harmony with our amazing environment.

Explore the BZN 2022 films, and begin planning your adventure in Bozeman for 2022-23.

This year, BZN IFF is a two-day event located in Big Sky Country, dedicated to fostering intelligent filmmaking, understanding diverse points of view, and restoring media literacy. The BZN vision is to highlight films that make a positive impact on audiences—stories that showcase the best of the human spirit while inviting a call to action. We champion films that educate and enrich while they entertain: documentaries, indies, comedies, features and shorts that make our cut must be intelligent and thought-provoking, inspire curiosity and encourage community and global awareness. Above all, they should stimulate conversation—a lost art we’re determined to help restore.

2022-23 Film Categories

Presenting the lineup of films for the 2022-23 BZN International Film Festival, January 27-28, 2023 in beautiful Bozeman, Montana + virtually via the BZN App.