Elder Scrolls Films


Tyson Vick presents three films from The Elder Scrolls: A Hypothetical Treachery, The Peasant Princess and The Locked Room. 

A Hypothetical Treachery tells the story of a group of dungeon delvers, who, hypothetically, all have their own plan to be the sole owner of the treasure they have discovered. There are many types of people in the land of Tamriel, and some are fighters, while others cast magic. Our story features an Argonian (a lizard person), a High Elf, a Dark Elf and an Imperial (a human) who face treachery from within and without as they are stalked by monsters, wolves, and bandits in an attempt to escape the legendary forest of Eldengrove in Valenwood, treasure in hand.


Time: 2:00 PM
Date: Saturday, September 11
Venue: Emerson Studio 211


Title: Elder Scrolls Films 
Genre: Narrative Short
Length: 20 min.
Director: Tyson Vick
Country: USA