BZN day-passes now on sale, for full days of films & conversations around current issues.


Saturday, June 8, 2019
10-7 PM
Museum of the Rockies

Join us for a full day of inspiring films, panel discussion, and interactive experiences around environmental stewardship.

In the lineup includes…

  • Films by Bozeman’s Max Lowe
  • Grizzly Country, with featured guest and Save the Yellowstone Grizzly founder, Doug Peacock
  • Our National Mammal, with featured guest and founder of Buffalo Field Campaign, Mike Mease
  • Outdoor activities in the MOR green space.

Gender Equity

Friday, June 7, 2019
10-7 PM
The Ellen Theatre

From the story of the first female director, to a panel of current cutting-edge wonder women… We invite you to join us for a day of empowerment In the lineup includes…

  • Be Natural, the Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blanché
  • Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, with Missoula-based filmmaker Katy Robin-Garton
  • Chasing Monsters, the latest Krystle Wright masterpiece
  • A panel of local female filmmakers, who will tell their stories of finding their voices in a male-dominated industries

Community & Food

Friday, June 7, 2019
10-5 PM
Museum of the Rockies

How do we look after one another? What does it mean to truly live in community? Why is there a food shortage, when we produce so much?

In partnership with No Kid Hungry, BZN presents a day of powerful films related to collective action, food issues, and the power of compassion.

  • Better Together, a film about how a community in Santa Barbara rallied after a devastating oil spill.
  • Panel discussion featuring food insecurity experts, hosted  by No Kid Hungry

BZN will donate 25% of your pass purchase to any of the following non-profits.

Click the link below the organization of your choosing!

Gallatin River Task Force 



In partnership with Fork & Spoon


Bozeman Schools Nutrition Program

In partnership with No Kid Hungry 


Bozeman Public Library Foundation


Gallatin Valley Friends of Cuba


Montana Institute for the Arts


Breathin’ Is Believin’

The Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis