BZN International Film Festival, June 6-9, 2019

FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2019

Spotlighting Gender Equality, Community & Food Insecurity

How Gender Norms & Traditions Affect Personal Agency

Part 1: The Future of Manhood with Christopher Hook

Part 2: Girls Riding Together (GRiT) with Kim Greene

Part 3: What’s So Great About Investing in Girls? A Girl’s Education. A Community’s Future | Presenter(s): Iqra Fund co-founders Genevieve Walsh & Doug Chabot, and Kathryn Everett (Girls Section filmmaker), moderated by Chris Hook

10:00 AM | Ellen Theatre
Associated Films: Manhood, Afghan Cycles, Girls Section

Female Filmmaker Panel Discussion

A discussion with female filmmakers—from writers to directors to producers—whose passion and work spans multiple disciplines and decades. Moderated by BZN Artistic Managing Director Beth Ann Kennedy.

Presenter(s): Jana Brown, Robin Truesdale, Justine Sanchez,
Thia Martin, Hilary Byrne, Sophie Danison, Katy-Robin Garton, Liz Kaiser, Barbara Bentree, Suzan Satterfield, Kathryn Everett, Elizabeth Moore, Jackie Sanders, and Anna Sagatov,

12:15 pm | Ellen Theatre | *Free bagged lunch by Fork & Spoon to first 40 attendees!*

Bozeman High School Environmental Awareness

Learn how the Environmental Awareness Club is striving to make the school more environmentally friendly by organizing trash pick-ups, advocating for recycling, and educating the community about the importance of being eco-friendly.

Presenter(s): Olivia Miller, Sarah Allen, Amanda Conradt, Will Hodgson

Friday, 10:00 am | Museum of the Rockies, Hager Auditorium

Rewriting the School Food Story

Join us in exploring what it will take to rewrite our school food story in Bozeman and beyond with filmmaker James Costa and representatives from Gallatin Valley Farm to School, MT Team Nutrition, and the Anderson School

Presenter(s): Sam Blomquist, Katie Bark, James Costa, Sally Donch, moderated by Tara Jones”

Friday, 12:45 PM | Museum of the Rockies, Hager Auditorium
Associated Film: Lunch Hour

Innovative Solutions to Food Insecurity in Montana

Part 1: Changing Breakfast, Changing Lives

How is school breakfast changing students’ lives across Montana, and why the simple guarantee of a morning meal is so important in our communities?

Presenter(s): Haley McKnight, Tina Kahrs
Associated Film: Breakfast After the Bell film trio

Part 2: Garden with a Vision

A group of dedicated food activists at Gallatin Valley Food Bank and Bozeman HRDC envision a future where all Bozemanites can nourish themselves. Discover how they’re implementing gardens to make the vision a reality!

Presenter(s): Jill Holder, Mattie Griswold

Friday, 3:00 PM, Museum of the Rockies, Hager Auditiorium

Photography Now – Photographic Materialism

Three contemporary artists discuss how the material nature of photographic images influence their artistic practices.

Introduction: Debra-Lynn Hook, local photographer

Presenter(s): Ryan Parker (artist and curator), Jessica Hays (artist and curator) Michelle Osma (landscape painter), moderated by Melissa Dawn

Friday, 10:00 am | The Rialto Light Box
Associated Film(s): A Place in the Garden, One More Shutter, Learning to See


Spotlight on Conservation & Co-Existence

Conversation with Local Eco-Warriors

What is the greatest threat to migratory patterns for predators? Learn about the efforts being made to encourage co-existence in the Greater Yellowstone region.

Presenter(s): Doug Peacock (founder of Save the Yellowstone Grizzly), Mike Mease (co-founder of Buffalo Field Campaign), moderated by Michelle Uberuaga

Saturday 12:45 pm | Museum of the Rockies, Hager Auditorium
Associated Films: 
Grizzly Country, Our National Mammal

How do we Live with Grizzlies and Wolves?

Some people want to hunt them. Some argue they should remain under Federal Endangered Species protection. With growing populations of bears, wolves, and people, there are growing challenges… can we all get along?

Presenter(s): Suzan Satterfield (filmmaker), Nick Gevock (Montana Wildlife Federation), Catherine Semcer (PERC), Sergio Maldonando (Northern Arapaho Elders Society Member)

Saturday, 9:30 am Museum of the Rockies, Hager Auditorium
Associated Films: Living with Grizzlies & Wolves

Understanding the Misunderstood

Olivia Miller, One Ocean Diving ambassador and Bozeman High School senior speaks on the true nature of sharks in their wild habitats. Olivia will address the problems humans pose for sharks, as addressed in Sharkwater Extinction, along with sharks’ importance in the oceanic world.

Presenter: Olivia Miller
Saturday, 8:15 pm | The Rialto Black Box
Associated film: Sharkwater Extinction

50 is the New 50

As a social media powerhouse and the founder of the blog Goodbye Crop Top, Wendy Euler is helping women all over the world redefine and redesign middle age. Join her for a discussion on finding your voice and learning how to make the rest the best.

Presenter: Wendy Euler
Saturday, 3:00 pm | The Emerson Center
Associated Film: Seeing is Believing