Islands in the Shapes of Nations

What does it feel like when your home and roots may be lost to rising seas and stronger storms? This film captures what the confines of urban planning and rationalism cannot -- lived risk and [...]


Sandra, a Syrian refugee, accepts a prestigious but unpaid internship with the UN. She cannot afford to live in Geneva, so she chooses to live in a tent by the lake while trying to compete for a [...]


Maggie is dealing with the aftermath of her mother’s death when her old friend Janie unexpectedly swoops in to help her process her grief.


Helen Keller, an avid civil rights activist known for being deaf and blind, faces prejudice from the public, her family, and even herself.

Where The Wild Things Play

There's a revolving conversation of asking why aren't there more females in the adventure industry whether it’s big mountain skiing, filmmakers, big wall climbers and so forth.

The Harpist

The Harpist details an evening in the life of young and infamous Emmie Lucas, a world renowned harpist. From the outside, she seems to glitter like gold: fame, beauty, and talent.

Sweet Blight

After eight years, Celisse confronts her assailant...once best friend... and her daughter's father. Can her daughter Maya, Celisse's SWEET BLIGHT, help her find beauty through tragedy.

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