Calling local artists!

Once again, BZN is seeking artwork for its 3rd annual poster, and would be honored to use the work of an artist from Montana!

Deadline for submission: February 15, 2020

The winning artist will receive two (2) all-access passes to the BZN International Film Festival, and will be recognized in all Festival programs and on the Festival website!

Please direct any inquiries to info@bozemanfilmcelebration.com.


  • All artwork must be original and created specifically for the 2nd Annual BZN International Film Festival.
  • The following text MAY be included on poster artwork. If this text is not added by the artist, the BZN graphic designer will do so. These elements can either be hand-produced, or digitally incorporated.

BZN International Film Festival | Bozeman, Montana | August 27-30, 2020

  • The BZN logo must be included in poster artwork. The logo can either be hand-drawn or digital.
  • BZN is dedicated to environmental stewardship and always highlight women in film. Artists can consider incorporating these themes into their submissions.
  • Dimensions are approximately 8’’ x 10’’ with a .125″ bleed*.
  • Each artist may submit up to three (3) entries
  • BZN requests original artwork be scanned and sent for submission
  • All artwork must be scanned and emailed to info@bozemanfilmcelebration.com by January 31, 2020. (After submission, the winner may be asked to supply original artwork.)


  • BZN reserves the right to manipulate artwork to fit program needs, poster dimensions, to print on smaller cards, etc.
  • By entering artwork, the artist who is selected for the BZN poster grants BZN the right to use submitted images on printed material, website & social media sites for promotional purposes only.
  • BZN reserves the right to hold and display posters for the following 12 months post-festival
  • If the poster is duplicated for the purpose of selling, the artist will receive a portion of sale above printing and handling costs.

*The bleed is the the side of a document that gives the printer a small amount of space to account for movement of the paper, and design inconsistencies. Artwork and background colors often extend into the bleed area. After trimming, the bleed ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document

Last Year's Poster by Priscilla Perez