Parker Ranch

Thousands of miles west of mainland United States you'll find the legendary paniolo - the cowboys of Hawaii. What began with a gift of a few cows and a bull to the King in the 1700s has grown [...]

Odd Man Out

Camille Egdorf grew up on her parents’ remote fishing camps in the Alaskan backcountry, started casting lines when she was just four years old, and has been dominating the outdoor community ever [...]

Navajo Son

He grew up on the Navajo reservation with little else besides family, livestock, and his grandfather’s prayer. Derrick Begay has since gone on to take his place as one of the best cowboys [...]

Mothered By Mountains

A man’s place is on the mountain, a woman’s place is in the home—that’s the message Pasang Lhamu had always heard but was never willing to accept. Her go-against-the-grain nature made her Nepal’s [...]

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