Painting the Wild

Filmmaker Rod Bradley traces Jacqueline Rieder Hud's life-in-art story, her deep connection with animals, and her unique creative process in this documentary film.

I Am Rebecca

I Am Rebecca examines the existence and welfare of the American Dream through the life and struggles of a Rebecca Mabior, a mother, a nurse, and a refugee, now living in the Midwest of America.

I Am Ocean: Pua Case

Hawaiian cultural leader, activist, and storyteller, Pua Case explores the spiritual currents that run from the summit of Mauna Kea to the depths of the Pacific and how her life has been shaped [...]

A Different Script

Twenty-year-old Chris Lopes is finally on the pathway to his dream of becoming a professional actor, but as a young man with Down syndrome, he is still struggling to achieve independence in his [...]

Return to Rainy Mountain

Based on the life of Pulitzer Prize winning author, N. Scott Momaday, and seen through the lens of filmmaker daughter, Jill Momaday, they retrace the route of his bestselling book, The Way to [...]

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