An astronomer sharing online backyard observations of the center of our galaxy has a run-in with mosquitoes and a not so trusty bug zapper.


One night after reading an article about the brightening of the Galactic Center, it was time to dream. And dream I did. I dreamed the entirely of what would become the screenplay of ZAP! When I woke, I realized there was a movie in that dream. Then, when the Phoenix Film Festival awarded the script First Place in their Screenplay Search, it was all over but the shouting. This film had to get made… as soon as COVID-19 permitted. And film it we did. With only one actor we were able to work with a minimal crew, social distancing, masks and other COVID-19 compliance. We had visitor’s on set… none other than our pack of neighborhood coyotes – this is Arizona after all. Our talent had a blast howling back at the coyotes. Funny how they chimed in at the perfect point in the story. There’s a lot of message packed into the short minutes of this film. More than a summer fraught with an intense population of pesky bugs. There’s a theme about absorbing energy from all that exists in ones environment – people, places, things and situations. There’s the urging for people to gaze at the night sky and take it in… to feel the awe and wonder… to sense the permanence of Creation. Such awe and wonder fuels the central core of ones creativity!


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Title: ZAP!
Genre: Documentary Short
Length: 5 min.
Director: Philip C. Sedgwick
Country: United States