Wild Climate


Wild Climate is a film which focuses on the impacts of climate change on livelihoods in the rural west. It highlights the staggering evidence, from the intensification drought to longer wildfire seasons through western forests and high temperature events resulting in livestock and crop losses. Wild Climate hopes to strengthen the narrative around climate change by spreading the stories of those fighting to keep their livelihoods intact in the face of this existential threat and compel people to action.


This film has reiterated to me why stories are important for us as a larger whole. It is about connection. It is to get to the underlying realities of what it is to be a human and how we are all experiencing many of the same truths in our own measure. I believe Wild Climate shows that raw existence and can connect to a wide range of audience members to finally understand what climate change is doing to people’s livelihoods, to our lands, and to animals. Like Peter and Virginia, I believe that stories can compel people into action and therefore trigger change. Science isn’t enough. The way we are going to move the needle in the climate movement is through human power. What better way to get people on board than through empathy that comes with storytelling?


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Title: Wild Climate
Genre: Documentary Short
Length: 26 min.
Director: Meredith Meeks
Country: United States