The Sound of Us


Music is the sound of truth, the sound of hope. It is the sound of unity and courage. During this critical time in history, the profound truth remains that music is the great, universal language. The Sound of Us chronicles a series of wide-ranging, diverse stories that exemplify the power of music and the triumph of the human spirit.


This is a very personal introspective of my own life through the lens of how the unexplainable power of music transcends the understanding of what music truly means to us as humans. I have a very unique perspective on this, being on both sides of the creative spectrum in business – both as a creative and a corporate executive – as well as having had a very unorthodox and unconventional childhood that only music led me out of. What would otherwise have been a very predictable, mediocre excuse of blaming my upbringing on the misfortunes of the time, I was offered something very magical and special for me through the remarkable connection I made through music, when all seemed lost. When all was lost music was there. Through this very notion, music challenges me to look deeper and this film challenged me to ask an unanswerable question: what is music, what is it to me? For me, music is the sound that truly expresses the idea “what is love?” – another truly inexpressible theory. I can’t put it in words, what I feel when I say, “I love you.” We simply know we are in love and, like music, we are because we simply are in it. I can’t actually prove I love you outside of the truth of the testing of those words, and the moment my hands press down on piano keys, the very same thing happens. The same commitment is made. Together, those two very truths meet time. Music opens a window to the world of my most vulnerable self, truly a doorway into the soul. The notes don’t take into account division, hatred, race, hurt, anger. They transcend, bind together, and somehow find ways to celebrate what so often divides us. I cannot explain that; I just know that the moment I play a single note for someone else to receive, I am transmitting from a place no one else gets to see unless I give myself a very special permission to be human and exposed, and only through the language of music. It is through this unique language that we can communicate across barriers, across time, between souls. If I were a bear, I would play the violin before I ate you….. both of us would cry before nature found its place! Music brings experiences to another place and another level, beyond this physical world. Music ultimately shows us we are human – empathetic, genuinely kind, and together. We are music because we are human.


Time: 8:00 PM
Thursday, September 9
Crawford Theater


Title: The Sound of Us
Genre: Documentary Feature
Length: 120 min.
Director: Chris Gero
Country: United States