The Nair House


Nisha Nair is the wife of a successful entrepreneur, living the high life in Silicon Valley, but soon enough the high life becomes a cage. She quickly realizes that her only path to happiness is to finally focus on the person who matters most – herself.

Director Biography – Archita Mandal

Archita Mandal is a writer, director and producer with many film festival accolades. Her directorial debut, Untread, is a science fiction thriller short film that was screened at the Women’s International Film & Arts Festival, 2015. Several short films, music videos and corporate videos later Archita took the plunge and has taken up film making full time after a successful career in tech. Archita grew up in 4 different countries and calls herself a global citizen. Her life experiences range from the gulf-war to cultural assimilation to developing keen respect for diversity and most of all empathy for people from all walks of life. She has dual bachelor’s in management information systems and business administration degree from Wayne State University, Michigan and a one-year Executive Education in Corporate Innovation from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Archita lives in SF Bay Area with her husband and two kids. Recently Archita wrote, directed and produced, The Nair House. The Nair House is a 36 mins film about a couple from South Asian descent in the Bay Area, and the film deals with high life of Silicon Valley – ambitions, relationships, social conditioning, emotional disconnect within a marriage. Archita is currently working on developing a talk show on technology and a documentary film on DIPG Cancer (rare form of children brain cancer).



Title: The Nair House
Genre: Narrative Short
Length: 36 min
Country: USA
Director: Archita Mandal