The Hunt


Facing the guilt of a past mistake, a hunter travels into the woods contemplating suicide. After a failed attempt, the hunter is soon being hunted by an unknown enemy and needs to go through his haunting memories of his best friend’s death in the familiar forest.


Director’s Statement

Growing up watching international arthouse films and western films , I was captivated with a sense by the format of showing, not telling. Inspired by films such as Tarkovsky’s Stalker and Solaris, Kiarostami’s Taste of Cherry, and Kieslowski’s Three Colors: Blue, The Hunt strives to make use of long tracking shots and spacial movements to recreate what the character is going through.A big motif for making The Hunt, is the lack of dialogue and telling the story through pure visual cinematography and exceptional sound design. By taking inspirations from The Revenant (2015) and The Thin Red line (1998) for cinematography, The Hunt will make use of the current technology, as well as old fashioned tricks to take us through a journey into the forest with the character.



Title: The Hunt
Genre: Narrative Short
Length: 10 min
Country: USA *MONTANA*
Director: Daarya Serji