Created by multiple award winning music artist Luke James Shaffer, “Pressure” follows a kid named PRESSURE as he faces a slew of obstacles throughout the school day. He’s dealing with what feels like the weight of the world on his shoulders, all while still attempting to do the right thing. Will our hero come out victorious? Or will he melt under the pressure?

Directors’ Statements

While my writing partner and I were creating the song “Pressure,” he broke down in tears when he thought about the impact it could have by simply opening lines of communication to discuss bullying. He believes that if he was able to talk with someone about bullying when he was a kid, it would have made a huge impact on his life. This provided me with a whole new perspective on the song, and really drove me towards creating the animation you see on screen. -Luke James Shaffer

As someone who was bullied as a kid, it felt really fulfilling to work on this project with Luke knowing that we might positively impact a child experiencing similar issues. Hopefully through “Pressure,” we can inspire those kids to keep pushing and let them know things will always turn around for the better. -DJ Tony Drake



Title: Pressure
Genre: Narrative Short
Length: 4 min
Country: USA
Director: Tony Drake, Luke James Shaffer

Website: https://in.house