Facing America’s Opioid Epidemic


Protecting our children from harmful drugs and addiction is a shared responsibility that requires community-based prevention programs. A panel of experts will discuss ways we can start the conversation and take action through education, prevention, and treatment.


Associated Film: The Hungry Heart

Date/Time: Friday, June 8, 1:00pm

Venue: MSU Cheever Hall


Rick Gale is the Montana Chairman of the Elks Drug Awareness Program, and member of the Montana Opioid Strategic Planning Task Force, and Community-Coalition On Drug Awareness in Bozeman, Montana.

Shelly Johnson is Executive Director of Alcohol & Drug Services, providing SUD services on an outpatient basis.

Rowen Schuler directs operations for Community Medical Services, a Medication-Assisted Treatment program for Opioid Addiction.

Kelley Parker-Wathne has been the Coordinator for the Gallatin County DUI Task Force for the past three years, overseeing a group of 22 volunteers who are passionate about reducing the incidence of impaired driving in our County and our State.

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