Explore all BZN International Film Festival has to offer at our 3rd Annual event this August These Montana Films celebrate women in film, promote environmental subjects and embody the BZN spirit to ignite passion and encourage activism. Passes on sale now!

Power of Citizen Leadership

Flore Dussey, a journalist from Valais, Switzerland, invites you to plunge into the world of the American Far West through a series of juxtaposed portraits of community leaders; people who work wholeheartedly for the betterment of their community.

The Hunt

After a failed suicie attempt, a hunter is soon being hunted by an unknown enemy and must address his haunting memories of his best friend's death in the familiar forest.

Two Yellow Lines

After losing his crew to a backcountry fire, Jack lost himself, and his family, too. When his estranged ex-wife can't get their daughter from camp in Wyoming, Jack is forced to address his scorched past. Picking her up on a twenty year old Harley, a battle that starts off face to face, slowly [...]


Yuryung, set to Pat Metheny's composition of the same title and performed by The Ahn Trio, is a music film that follows two heroes on their path to connect their heartbeat with nature and themselves.