Explore the BZN 2019 picks for Documentary Short, celebrating women in film, promoting environmental stewardship, and embodying the BZN spirit. We hope you’ll join us in June – passes on sale now!

Better Together

Christopher Lloyd narrates Better Together, a feature documentary about how one community keeps coming together through oil spills, fires, mudslides and the future challenges of a changing climate.

Chasing Monsters

This short, intense film follows storm chaser and Canon photographer Nick Moir, cutting straight to the heart of what fuels his obsession.


After years of projecting, Mallory and Carey are coming back to stand on top of the unconquered, Dundee.

Horns Out

Using his poetry and prose to reflect on his childhood ranch and lifetime passion of mountain climbing, 77 year old Montana climber Maurice Horn asks existential questions about sense of place, identity, and mortality.

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