Una Razon Para Pescar (A Reason To Fish)


Dan Diez loves to fish. It’s the reason why he spends many long nights under bridges in Miami, fly fishing out of a canoe for giant tarpon. On the surface, his passion flows from the thrills and wonder of a heart-pounding experience with rod and fly that connects him intimately with the natural world. However, at a deeper level, the passion is rooted in a story–a story about Dan and his grandfather–that involves traditions born in Cuba, political imprisonment, the search for a new home, and a relationship with water that symbolizes a freedom often taken for granted. Simon Perkins & Henry Miles


Time: 1:30 PM
Date: Sunday, September 12
Venue: Crawford Theater


Title: Una Razon Para Pescar (A Reason To Fish)
Genre: Documentary Short
Length: 10 min.
Director: Simon Perkins & Henry Miles
Country: United States