The Need for Connectivity


If we can save the Florida panther, we can save Florida, but how do you save an endangered species? The Need for Connectivity tells the story of an incredible panther, FP224, and how vehicles and growth can adversely affect wildlife. Our cast, Mark, Jason, Brent, and Sean describe the challenges and dangers faced by panthers and other wildlife in Florida as almost 1000 people a day move to the State. But they also show us the dedicated work being done by so many people and agencies in the state to create wildlife crossings and help save the Florida Wildlife Corridor before it’s too late. If we learn from our past and are determined enough, there is a bright future ahead for the panthers, and for all of Florida.


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Title: The Need for Connectivity
Genre: Documentary Short
Length: 25 min.
Country: United States
Director: William Freund, Max Freund