Stoke Chasers


In an interestingly subliminal way, many young girls are taught how to watch and not how to do. Girls are taught on to think that they are more fragile and weak. Stoke Chasers aims to get women to stand up and fight this notion of just watching and to break the connection between being feminine and being fragile. When the unspoken barriers of the male dominated surf and skate world are broken, women are celebrated for being a part of a similar community, but not necessarily the same community. Stoke Chasers poses the question, “what if we were told we were strong from the beginning?” We would be able to foster a community of girls that were not complacent with watching, but girls that are more inclined to be doing.


Time: 1:30 PM
Date: Sunday, September 12
Venue: Emerson Lawn


Title: Stoke Chasers
Genre: Documentary Short
Length: 8 min.
Director: Jo Anna Edmison
Country: United States