Filmed over two years by director Kael Van Buskirk, Skyline follows Jonny Zaugg, a young Swiss-American mountaineer from Southwestern Colorado, as he attempts to complete the first ever traverse of the Sneffels Skyline, all the while confronting his struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide. With nearly 40 miles of perilous ridge lines, a complete lack of water, and serious isolation, Jonny must utilize his years of experience navigating the harrowing complexity of both the mountains and his mind to achieve a dream six years in the making. Through deep introspection, Jonny seeks the discipline to achieve an athletic feat in a self-effacing ethic worthy of this life-giving range—under 24 hours, and alone.


Title: Skyline
Genre: Documentary Short
Length: 28 min
Country: United States
Director: Kael Van Buskirk