Learning to See


Learning To See tells the story of photographer Robert Oelman who leaves his psychology career in the early 1990s to pursue photography. He moves from the United States to Colombia and purchases a small farm in the hills. On his journeys through the rain forests of the Amazon Basin he begins to take striking photographic images of undiscovered insects. After more than twenty years of traveling, searching and photographing, his quest culminates with a New York City gallery show. He also learns that these tiny life forms must continue to survive. They are at the bottom of the mammalian food chain and are critically important to all animal species including mankind.


Screening Date: Friday, June 7, 2019

Time: 10am

Venue: Rialto Light Box

Filmmaker Attending: No


Title: Learning to See

Genre: Documentary Feature
Length: 68m
Director/Producer: Jake Oelman
Website: http://www.learningtoseefilm.com/