Fault Line


FAULT LINE tells the story of a mother and daughter who each harbor a secret that lies beneath the surface. It has been two years since a horrific car accident killed her dad and brother, and Sam, now twelve, along with her mother, Clare, embark on what was once a routine road trip to Marfa for spring break. While en route, a global pandemic is declared, one that forces the closing of schools and an extended stay in the isolated far west Texas town. With the help of Reilly, the local market manager, Sam finds meaning delivering groceries to the elderly, and meets Mrs. Corazon, a reclusive character with a mysterious past. A past which collides with the truth of what happened that fateful night in the car. Filled with silences and poetic imagery, FAULT LINE, is a story about what happens when perceptions shift and truths erupt at the fault line.


Title: Fault Line
Genre: Narrative Short
Length: 38 min
Country: United States
Director: Lauren Himmelvo