Bamboo and Barbed Wire


At age 15, Lubna Al Aboud immigrated to the US as Syria crumbled amidst deadly gas attacks from President Bashar al-Assad and bombings by terrorist rivals, Isis. Her Muslim family settled in Boise, Idaho the year President Trump ordered the Muslim Travel Ban and Japanese Americans commemorated the 75th anniversary of President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066, incarcerating 120,000 Japanese American citizens after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Against great odds then and now, Lubna and former incarcerees of the Idaho concentration camp, prove the human spirit prevails with resilience, forgiveness, hard work and hope even in America’s darkest times. This film promises to stir a controversial public groundswell as Idaho ranchers, discussing their own experience of the nearby incarceration camp, reveal a profound secret hidden in the Snake River Plains.



Title: Bamboo and Barbed Wire
Genre: Documentary Feature
Length: 84 min
Country: USA
Director: Karen Day

Website: www.bambooandbarbedwire.com