Explore the BZN 2022 picks for Narrative Short, and join us this January 27-28 for the 5th Annual BZN International Film Festival.

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Shot as a silent film with a skeleton crew, “Composure” is a duet between star Emma Center and composer François Comtois. The film was inspired by the isolation of quarantine and the works of [...]

Fault Line

FAULT LINE tells the story of a mother and daughter who each harbor a secret that lies beneath the surface. It has been two years since a horrific car accident killed her dad and brother, and [...]


When renowned painter Tessa Smith returns home to her Montana muse, she must also face her past. Now an established artist due to her depictions of the American West, she is forced to reconcile [...]

McCarthy 21

Ronald is kicked out of his parent's house after breaking an unbreakable family tradition. Now he needs to decide whether it's worth earning his way back in, or becoming his own man.


Lola can't get past the loss of her beloved Martin. At the risk of losing everything else - from her medical practice to her two young daughters - she continues to grieve. When, in her mind, [...]


Loneliness sucks. But a lifetime of not quite fitting in won’t get good natured Carolyn down. Armed with positive affirmations, she desperately seeks connection. As her attempts backfire, she [...]

Sons of Toledo

Sons of Toledo is the true story of the city’s Black-owned barber shops and their work on the frontlines of their communities, especially the cost of caring for the young men who see their shops [...]

Tag You’re It

We do not live in an ideal world.We must prevent manipulation, use of violence and abuse.From a little girls to a grown up women. From poor parts of town to wealthy communities.You are not [...]


TOUCH is a story about the power of love and how we pass that from one generation to the next. Riley and her grandmother, Nana, always had a special relationship, mostly centered around baking. [...]