Explore Community & Food films that will be screening at 2nd Annual BZN International Film Festival this June 6-9 in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. Passes on sale now!

Better Together

Christopher Lloyd narrates Better Together, a feature documentary about how one community keeps coming together through oil spills, fires, mudslides and the future challenges of a changing climate.

Breakfast After The Bell

This series of 3 shorts -- produced by  past or current female AmeriCorps members serving with Montana No Kid Hungry -- explores how food programs have impacted three Montana school districts.

Delivering Hope to a Community

Hunger is a real issue in rural Montana. This is the story of how, through community initiatives & food programs, families can focus on building bright futures for their kids.

Food Frontiers

Food Frontiers highlights people around the U.S. who are improving access to healthy food.

Lunch Hour

A feature length documentary that explores the National School Lunch Program, childhood obesity, and our addiction to unhealthy foods.

Nosotros (We)

An inspiring, uplifting animated short documentary, that celebrates the "power of we" among Mexicans who had to face an unexpected but coincidental natural disaster.

One World Everybody Eats

In 1960 Wallace Stegner, sent a to letter to Congress about the importance of wilderness. His words are the framework for a new message.

Pa’lante (Forward)

Pa’lante (Forward), tells the brave personal stories of the people on the island that were impacted by Hurricanes Irma/Maria and showcases an Apprentice Program led by volunteers that are teaching locals carpentry.