When Women Thrive, the Community Thrives


Bridget Wilkinson and Brianne Rogers Dugan will host a Q & A discussion on women in the workplace. They believe that when women thrive in a community, we all succeed. Join them for this discussion on how women can make an impact in their communities through their time, talents and treasures.


Associated Film: We the Conquerors

Date/Time: Saturday, June 9, 10:15am

Venue: Museum of the Rockies – Hager Auditorium


Bridget Wilkinson is the first Executive Director for the Bozeman Area Community Foundation.

Brianne Rogers Dugan is a native Montanan with over a decade of political, policy, communications, and management experience; she currently serves as the Executive Strategist for Red Ants Pants as well as Production Liaison, Operations Manager, and Sponsor Coordinator for the Red Ants Pants Music Festival through her consulting practice, Bird Dog Strategies, LLC.

Documentary Short - We The Conquerors