Movie Theater Appreciation for Family


Why is seeing a movie on the big screen so unique? What do you miss when you watch at home or on the go? Join filmmaker, Sierra Fein, in this family-friendly interactive presentation about discovering the magic in movies. She will lead the discussion on how to make the movie watching experience one to remember, whether you are viewing at home or in the theater. Following the screening of her short film, Love-Stuck: A Duct Tape Love Story, she will engage the audience with fun games related to the film.


Associated Film: Love-Stuck

Date/Time: Saturday, June 9, 6:00pm

Venue: Willson Auditorium


Sierra Fein is a Bozeman filmmaker that loves writing, directing and editing films that make people smile. She graduated from the Montana State University film program in 2007 and proudly calls Bozeman her home as she continues her filmmaking aspirations.

Love-Stuck Poster