Art Book to Film: A Woman’s Process of Healing & Transformation


This presentation will share insights into the process of adapting an artist’s very personal and painful journey from book form into a major motion picture.

Jacqueline Rieder Hud is a Bozeman painter who descended into madness over a 3 year period prompted by obsessive sexual and rage dreams. Her art book Laundry for Strangers became part of her healing process. Etan Boritzer, the publisher introduced the book to Patrick Kriwanek, a Berkeley CA filmmaker.

The collaboration between these three creative individuals, educating one another and working together toward a cinematic realization of the artist’s original intentions in writing the book, and the healing benefits of this process, is analyzed in the talk.

Through the narrative of this relationship, from inspired consultations to script outline, to writing of the screenplay and trying to sell the movie to production companies, attendees will gain deeper understanding of how a truly creative, honest and healing collaboration can actually be realized in today’s film world.


Associated Film: Painting the Wild

Date/Time: Saturday, June 9, 3:00pm

Venue: MSU Reynolds Recital Hall in Howard Hall


Etan Boritzer is the Los Angeles-based publisher of Veronica Lane Books, founded in 1992. He is a bestselling author and working writer, having written for TV and film, and he is a SAG member. Etan also owned a contemporary fine art gallery in Los Angeles for nearly 20 years.

Patrick Kriwanek is longtime film and video pro and the Producer/Director of Shelby American Team, a feature film based on the triumphs of motor sports racing legend Carol Shelby, the first American ever to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Jacqueline Rieder Hud is a Bozeman, MT expressionist painter whose dream-themed work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her recently published and acclaimed art book Laundry for Strangers, A Personal Memoir of Creativity, Sexuality & Fury is currently being considered for a major motion picture.